Platinum recognition for Assurance Nursing and Employment Agency

Tuesday 1st May, 2018

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The NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP) audits on an annual basis all agencies supplying temporary workers to the NHS through their National Clinical Staffing Framework to help ensure compliance with NHS pre-employment check standards.

We are delighted to report that we have received a platinum grading of 98% for their 2018 LPP audit.

Clare Ebube, Founder and CEO, says, “All our nursing staff go through rigorous training that we run in house. This means we can guarantee the temporary staff we provide are not only highly skilled in their field, they are truly compassionate human beings. This is really important to us.”

We have gained a reputation over the past 15 years for supplying first-rate nursing staff and Health Care Assistants to NHS hospitals in the London area, including Croydon University Hospital, and to Care Homes in the South East of England.

Alicia Trinidad, Nursing and Quality Manager, says “It’s not only the Hospitals and Care Homes that we give our assurance to, but also and equally importantly to our staff. The platinum grading shows them that they are well taken care of too.”

We actively promote good moral conduct and ethics that correspond to the NMC standard.

Nurses and Healthcare Assistance can at times find themselves in stressful situations. As well as continuous theoretical training, Assurance Nursing staff receive personal development training, giving them the tools so that they can handle themselves in times of stress and cope with different personalities that surround them at work.

“Every 3 years nurses need to renew their registration with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). When it’s time for revalidation, we’re there to help our staff with their submissions”, says Alicia.

Krishan Chakouree, Operations Manager, says, “We are constantly improving and upgrading our internal systems. This not only ensures we maintain compliance with legislative and industry requirements but allows us to improve business efficiencies. This means that the interactions with the staff who register with us and personnel at the Hospitals and Care Homes we supply, are as seamless as possible.”