Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Devices Training

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Oxygen Therapy and Oxygen Devices Training Course Content:


This course aims to provide theory and practical skills in assessing patients who require oxygen therapy as an emergency and ongoing treatment for acutely unwell patients in healthcare settings.

Knowledge and theory

  • Understanding oxygen as a drug
  • Benefits and complications of oxygen administration
  • Assessment of patient who require oxygen
  • Hypoxic drive
  • Regulation of Carbon Dioxide
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Effects of oxygen in the body
  • Oxygen toxicity
  • Guidelines in oxygen therapy

Practical skills

  • ABCDE structured assessment
  • Types of oxygen devices
  • Care and safety of medical gasses
  • Titrating oxygen flow
  • Initiation, monitoring and discontinuing oxygen
  • Other oxygen driven medication (nebulization)
  • Documentation and record-keeping

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