Medication Management Course

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Medication Management Course Content:


This course provides Registered General Nurses, Registered Mental Nurses and Carers an in-depth knowledge in medication administration, highlighting safe and effective ways of delivering drugs to patients and residents.

This interactive day will include discussions, group work, scenarios and case studies.

Specific topics to be covered:

  • Legal and Professional Issues
  • Legislations and Laws in Medication and healthcare
  • Patient mental capacity and understanding of drugs being given
  • Infection Control in Medication Administration
  • Handling, storing and disposing
  • Prescribing, checking, obtaining and dispensing of medicines
  • Medication as a drug
  • Types of medicines
  • Routes of Administration
  • Steps in drug administration
  • Anaphylaxis assessment and management
  • Crushing tablets medicine
  • Medication for older people
  • The Rights in drug administration
  • Controlled Drugs
  • Medications errors and how to prevent them
  • Documentation, confidentiality and record keeping
  • Drug calculation

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