IV Cannulation Course

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IV Cannulation Course Content:


This course is for clinicians to develop knowledge and skills in peripheral IV cannulation using IV cannula.

In order to successfully complete this course the clinician must be able to
achieve safe and effective cannulation using a hand manikin during the course and achieve independent successful cannulation in practice.

  • Professional and Legal Responsibilities
  • NMC, Local Guidelines, & National recommendation
  • Associated health and safety risks
  • Infection and prevention issues
  • Relevant Anatomy & Physiology
  • Choosing the correct vein for cannulation
  • Types of IV cannulas –winged, non-winged, safety locks
  • Correct choice of cannula for IV Therapy
  • Indications and contra-indications
  • Sites or vein preparations
  • Patient preparations
  • Equipment preparations
  • Pre-cannulation assessment
  • Step-by-step insertion of cannula
  • Post-cannulation assessment
  • Types of dressing – application and removal
  • VIP Scoring system
  • Documentation and maintenance of cannula
  • Flushing, dressing change, and maintenance
  • Infection and phlebitis
  • Commencing IV therapy
  • Taking out of cannula

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