Ear Irrigation and Care Training

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Ear Irrigation and Care Training Course Content:


The aim of this course is to develop Nurses, Assistant Practitioners and other Healthcare Professionals in the assessment and examination
of the patients ear to provide full care and management, including medication administration and ear irrigation.

  • Professional and Legal Responsibilities
  • NMC, Local Guidelines and National Recommendation
  • Associated health and safety risks
  • Infection and prevention issues
  • Ear anatomy and physiology (child and adult)
  • Ear assessment and examination
  • Understanding risks factors and contra-indications
  • Using othoscope in practice
  • Patient preparation and consent
  • Identification of normal and abnormal ear structure
  • Managing ear pain and discomfort
  • Documentation and record keeping
  • Reporting and escalation of treatment
  • Giving health advice to patients
  • Preparing equipment for the procedure
  • Machine for ear irrigation (Propulse – an electronic irrigator machine)
  • Patient positioning and preparation
  • Step-by-step safe procedure in ear irrigation
  • One-to-one demonstration in ear syringing/irrigation
  • Practical demonstration

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