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Welcome to Assurance Nursing and Employment Agency.

Assurance Nursing & Employment Agency Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of nurses, auxiliary and domiciliary staff within Primary Care Trusts, private hospitals, nursing homes, Local Authorities and the NHS (Hospital and Community) across the UK.

We have gained a reputation over 15 years for our exceptional track record of providing first-rate staff to the NHS. The quality and skills of our agency members are second to none, because we deliver continuing and consistent patient care and value.

Our experienced recruitment team comprising former medical professionals and nurse helps us to respond quickly and efficiently, providing flexible recruitment solutions tailored precisely to your needs. You can depend on top quality people and outstanding service because our aim is to meet and exceed your expectations whether for a few hours or around the clock per day or 365 days per year.

Whether you’ve come to us through recommendation or as the result of an online search or advertisement, you’ll always find our service professional, efficient and courteous.

We always take great pride in the high levels of service and training we provide to our staff ensuring they in turn, are able to provide work of the highest standards in the health sector.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier, NHS Employers, NHS London Procurement Partnership

24 Hour Service

You can call us around the clock to clarify any situation, if you are under pressure get assurance or make a request. We support you all the way